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It is really important to choose an agency that will best represent you.

Always choose an agent that you feel at ease and comfortable with and who you feel you can develop a good working relationship with. It is essential that your agent knows who you are and the relevant details of your performing background.

Things to consider when choosing an agent

You can only have ONE Agent so choose wisely. Shop around if necessary Always ask questions. Find out exactly what the agencies operating practices are, e.g; How do you get paid? By cheque or direct deposit into your account? How much commission do they take?

Personal recommendations are a great way to finding a good agency. An agency that has been recommended by a friend, colleague or someone in the industry is usually the best bet.

If you are unsure about an agent give the Actors Union ( MEAA ) a casting agent or a T.V. station a call and ask them for their opinion. An agent should have a current license to operate.