If you are ready for a break from your everyday life, the film & television world is alive with make-believe. Becoming a policeman, doctor, nurse, shopper or maybe even an alien for the day. One day you could be dressed as a peasant in the 1800's. The next you could be a detective surveying a crime scene.

So what is an Extra?

An Extra is a person who works in the background on a film, television show or a commercial. An extras job is to make the scene realistic & believable to the audience and to provide atmosphere to the scene.

Could you imagine a big elaborate wedding with only the main cast & no guests? A Bar with no patrons? Or a hospital with no patients, doctors, orderlies or nurses?

Extras are not required to speak but are often asked to pretend to speak or perform a little to make the scene more realistic, e.g. an extra playing a student maybe asked to pretend to take notes or put books in a locker then walk down the corridor pretending to talk to another student.

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